Industry Visits to Europe

Why Choose to Visit Europe?

  • Unique opportunity to visit a foreign country which will give you a unique experience – You can only feel it when you see it
  • Be a part of a global study program which will enable you to experience and learn about technology and culture that is inherent to Europe conducted entirely in “ENGLISH “.
  • Europe is the land of innovation and one of the most active adopters of industry 4.0. 
  • You will not only be introduced to new concepts in various fields but also have an insight into the best practices used by industries.
  • Develop an appreciation for European culture by mingling with European community members and have the ability to network with high profile Europe people.
  • Discover the rich beauty, history and architecture of the beautiful locations in Europe
  • Enjoy European food at the most traditional European restaurants.
  • Visit various landmark locations which would allow you to enjoy the beauty and refinedness of Europe
  • Use the knowledge you have gained back home in Sri Lanka